bio med engineering + ERC = any social life?

<p>Im a senior this year and deciding between UCSD and cornell of bio med engineering. Im leaning toward UCSD, but i already know that the major is going to be hard, but along with the other GE courses for ERC, i dont know if i will still be able to have a social life.
Any ideas?</p>

<p>You can always make time. It won't be all study; don't worry about that. It might take a while to find that work/play balance, but you'll be comfortable after a short while for sure. ERC is also a very social college</p>

<p>The architecture of ERC's dorms alone definitely contributes to a very social atmosphere-- you'd be living with other roommates/suitemates and you'd all share one huge family room complete with couches, tables, and usually a huge TV. Even if you never manage to make friends in classes or clubs (highly unlikely anyways) at the very least you'd make friends with those around you.</p>