Bio/Micro and another degree

<p>This is my first post, glad i found these forums!
Im currently at a state school in the Biology program for a BS. It will be a focus in Micro but i believe it will not be listed as a BS in Microbiology.</p>

<p>I was curious as to what you guys think about another BS or goin into a MS program or PhD program?</p>

<p>I was thinking 2 bachelors one in the Biology and another in Food Science since i figure food has always interested me from cooking to breakdown in body. Then hopefully leading to a decent research and development career in a company. </p>

<p>If i proceed into the Micro MS or PhD program, i fear i'll end up doing research and teaching. I'd rather not be teaching.</p>

<p>So i ask, those past this point or insight...what are some suggestions, ideas and the best idea?</p>

<p>So why not get the MS or PhD in Food Science? You can probably enter such a grad program with your BS in Micro.</p>

<p>Agreed, you could easily get into a grad food science program with your bio degree.</p>

<p>I worked in industry in r and d between undergrad and grad school. If you wanna rise up the ranks quickly, come in with a phd. My supervisor had been with the company for twelve years before I started and he had just been promoted from bench scientist to project manager. While I was there, three newly minted phd were added, two as managers and one as a senior scientist. </p>

<p>The phd degree takes about five or six years and the stipend is pretty close to the salary I got as an entry level bench scientist. In addition, the phd is really quite similar to day to day lab work at a company- you have your projects that you are responsible for making progress on and once every couple of months you present your work in lab meeting.</p>

<p>Glad I stumbled upon this post... Would one be able to go into Food Science grad school after an undergrad in Chemistry?</p>