Bio : PR vs BR Contradicting?

<p>Okay so i have both PR and BR for BIO SAT II </p>

<p>And i was using the BR and then i saw the PR and it really idk seems a lot different and a little less specific </p>

<p>which should i use ? BR </p>

<p>Which will help me get a better score?</p>

<p>What do you guys recommend ?</p>

<p>This bio **** is a lot to take in :P</p>

<p>depends on how much you know..
if you have a strong bio background just brush up with pr..
but if u need like complete, in-depth review, use barrons</p>

<p>im personally gonna use pr</p>

<p>I used PR despite having forgotten much of what I'd learned in bio, and aced the test.</p>

<p>I agree with DankStarbursts.
If you're already comfortable with Bio, you don't need Barrons.</p>

<p>so an AP bio student would only need PR for prep, if any? has anyone who was concurrently in AP bio take the SATII w/o any additional studying?</p>