Bio-related=Poor career?

<p>I've read a lot of thread here,almost all of them indicates that bio-related degree=poor career in future...Is that true? </p>

<p>How about if with a master degree,is that still the same case?</p>

<p>Many people told me that I can go for bioengineering if I really want to have a bio-related major and better career but I am not sure whether it is suitable for me.I am quite weak in mathematics in my country:P.</p>

<p>Is mathermatics really so important for all kinds of engineering programme?</p>


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<p>I have read this one! and found out that someone grad from UCB MCB and finally he/she works as an waiter/waitress.....isn't that a waste?</p>

<p>Biology or chemistry = no or very poor career. </p>

<p>The last ACS survey indicated ~40% of chemists at the BS or MS level are full time employed and 1/2 of those are in crapo academic techie jobs that run from $20-35k. So about 80% of graduates are un or underemployed and almost everything I've seen indicates that biology majors have it much worse. The only thing I've seen to the contrary is that ridiculous BLS article that indicates biology job are expected to grow faster than average. I have no idea where they came up with that.</p>



<p>It could be true. A high dJ/dt does not mean that J will be greater than G in the near future. (J = jobs, t = time, G = graduates looking for those jobs)</p>

<p>sigh...How about those engineering program?they look much better than biology and chemistry!</p>

<p>Which engineering programs? Note that bioengineering tends not to have as good job and career prospects as some of the other common kinds of engineering (however, civil is currently in the dumps right now due to the real estate / construction crash).</p>

<p>i am thinking about chemical engineering...but it seems that it is difficult to transfer esp for international student...:(</p>

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