Biochem? Anatomy?

Hi guys,
I am currently a junior right now in high school and planning to take a college class in community college during the summer. There’re two courses that I am really interested in, Organic and Biochemistry (CHEM 066) and Anatomy (001). I don’t know which one I should take since I am really interested in both of them and they are being offered in different cc campuses. And from what I know, those two courses don’t have any prerequisites.

Any advice?? Thank you!!

(p.s Im planning to major in bio related (like bio/biochem) and go premed track in college)

Remember that any college courses and their grades, including those taken while in high school, will be included in medical school applications and college GPA recalculations.

CHEM 066 at West Los Angeles College or Los Angeles Harbor College is for allied health professions, not for biology majors or pre-meds.

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Ok!! thank you so much! :))