Biochem student needs help choosing! UCSD vs UCD

<p>Hey All,</p>

<p>I know you're probably sick with all these threads about people not knowing where to SIR to, but I'm now officially stuck. I'm transferring to UCSD or UCD from a community college with BioChem major?</p>

<p>UCD pros-have lots of friends who can help me out. cons-hate the city.
UCSD pros-good ranking, love the city. cons-have no friends over there.</p>

<p>Please help me.</p>


<p>Why do you hate the city of Davis?</p>

<p>Edit: lol, I'm gonna carry our conversation over to this thread where it belongs :)</p>

<p>But that was my initial problem with Davis too. I thought I wanted a big city. But UCSD is in La Jolla, it's not really IN the city. You have to drive a ways. I'm assuming by city you mean like the downtown area</p>

<p>Why do like biochem? Have you ever studied it? Many students get fooled into it because it has a cool name.</p>

<p>enchantedivy: lol.....i like ucsd better coz you have LA 2 hrs away, SD 30 mins away and you have many things to do
iTransfer: i like to go for pre-med.</p>

<p>La Jolla is closer than 30 minutes from San Diego.</p>

<p>Yeah, but at Davis you're close to Sacramento and San Francisco and Lake Tahoe aren't too far away either. There are just as many things to do. LA isn't so great, I grew up right by it. You can have fun anywhere IMO.</p>

<p>@UChopeful Yeah, I know it's not that far but you're still not really living in the city if you're living on campus. It's only a little closer than Sac is to Davis.</p>

<p>i guess i will go to davis.</p>

<p>My younger cousin chose UCSD for biochem over Duke, JHU, UCB and UCLA. Something about how UCSD is in the middle of the industry geographically and how their program is accredited. Screw your friends.</p>

<p>^ :d ........</p>

<p>btw, if youre concerned about city life in davis, its really good</p>

<p>i know it wont have the 'entertaining' places like socal but honestly, life is what you make of it. its not like davis is a complete cow town. its actually pretty urban (and I'm from orange county) and it has all the big name stores you want, ie. target, safeway, etc... if anything it could be better because davis is a college town. everyone there is pretty much a college student too so the city environment is really nice.</p>