Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) Major for Pre-Med?

<p>Would Biochemistry (Medicinal Chemistry) best prepare me for the MCAT's? Don't say that I am simply choosing a major that "best will" rather to as being interesting to me. I truly enjoy Biology and chemistry so I would be fully dedicated to it. Let me know, is the content covered in 4 years of a Biochem major revelent to a lot of the content found on the MCAT? Will it prepare be BEST for it? Are there any other majors out there that you guys think would best PREPARE me for the MCAT's that are science related?No rude answers plz. THANKS GUYS!!</p>

<p>Hi! I'm a current biochem major and I would say it's the best. Biochem not include bio and chem but also a lot of physics. Which means that this major covers the physics, chem, o-chem, and biology portions/topics on MCAT.
In my school, by the end of my 2nd year I would have taken all the required courses for med school and everything I need to know on MCAT (I think). No need to worry. In my opinion this is the best major that will prepare you for MCAT.</p>

<p>Thank you!!! You are awesome! </p>


<p>No problem! Also, I think having a biochem major gives you more opportunity for research. I'm a freshman right now at Penn State and I already have a research job/grant. I think the reason behind this is because most professors (at my school) are biochem major, so they give preference to biochem students. Good luck!</p>

<p>That is very cool! If you don't mind, what was your SAT scores? Ty</p>

<p>I think my best total was only a 1960. But really, no one cares about SAT after high school. I started a fresh new plate and am very satisfied with my freshman year (GPA and research-wise)</p>

<p>Oh, thats kinda what I'm scoring too! I am sort of worried because I want to go to the honors college at ASU but I am a little off. I will add you to my contacts, you are VERY helpful and one more question, are you planning to attend med school? thanks once again:)</p>

<p>Thanks :)
And yes I am planning on attending (hopefully) Jefferson, Drexel, UPenn or Penn State Hershey because they're all in PA haha. </p>

<p>I wish you goodluck!!</p>