Biochemistry vs. Biophysics


<p>I am attending the University of Michigan starting fall 2010, and am torn between these two majors, both showing me a great interest. Ideally I would like to major in one of these two programs and then enter a md/phd program, preferably at UofM again. What do you think would better prepare me for my MCATs and beyond?</p>

<p>You're asking the wrong question. As long as you take the required pre-med courses, do well, and study for the MCAT you should be fine.</p>

<p>A major really has little to do with MCAT scores. English majors can score just as high as Biology majors. It's all about the pre-req courses you take!</p>

<p>So, choose whatever major you think best interests you.</p>

<p>Cybershot, </p>

<p>I double majored in biochemistry and biophysics. Ashesofautumn has a point, you can major in anything you like, as long as you take the pre-reqs you will be fine. I would add though that somebody with a degree in science will probably have less preparation for the MCAT having had some information still 'fresh' depending on when you take it. I took the practice and scored a 35S. I was like you, pre-med, didn't know what to major and so I double majored in the hardest ones, lol. Anyways, I love UMich, I am currently here getting a masters in bioinformatics and work at the med school. Another word of advice is study something you like and have a genuine interest in, not because it looks good or prepares well.</p>

<p>You can't find the answer for your question yet and nor should you worry about it yet. You have plenty of time to take courses, learn what you like, learn from your classmates, talk to your professors and advisor, and decide on your major then. Absolutely nothing to think about yet.</p>