Biochemistry vs Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics vs Molecular, Cell & Developmental Bio

<p>I have committed to UCLA this incoming fall of 2014, and my current major is biology. However, I plan to change my major into one of the majors mentioned in the title. I want to take the pre-med pathway and possibly minor in Spanish and/or Biomedical Research (I heard this minor is very competitive and only a few are selected). </p>

<p>If I could have any insight on the majors above from college students/alumnis who are doing or did the pre-med track, that would be great. I'd like information such as the difficulty of each major and GPA maintenance or any other information you guys would think relevant to share. </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>the first two years, you’ll be taking the same classes as every other LS major. you don’t need to decide until the end of your second year. the only exception is biochem has a different chemistry series.</p>

<p>MIMG and MCDB are generally pretty similar majors with the same pre-requisites. However, the upper divs differ as MIMG is more focused on immunology and genetics while MCDB is more cell biology (the names don’t lie). yea Biochem has a different chem prerequisite that some say might be harder. There is the 14 chemistry series (for pre-meds) and the 20 series. If you are going on the premed track, the 14 series would probably be best for you since it’s specifically designed for life science majors. All of the majors you mentioned have reputations for being difficult, (but worth it if that’s what you’re interested in).</p>