<p>My school breaks biochem into 2 semesters. These are the descriptions of each course:</p>

<p>Biochem 1:</p>

<p>A presentation of structural biochemistry, enzymology, biophysical techniques, bioenergetics and an introduction to intermediary metabolism. </p>

<p>Biochem II:</p>

<p>A presentation of metabolism and its regulation as integrated catabolism and anabolism of molecules that are essential to life. </p>

<p>To those who have taken the MCAT is the first semester sufficient in helping me on the MCAT or is there also material covered in the second semester that is equally/more important and therefore essential to take.</p>

<p>I ask this because not taking biochem II would help me free up valuable credit space that I could use to help me fulfill a med school pre req w/o taking a course overload -- deemed 19+ credits at my university. </p>

<p>Also when med schools suggest/ encourage biochemistry are they looking for just a semester or if the university offers it a full year?</p>

<p>Thanks in advance! =)</p>

<p>Neither is necessary at all for the MCAT.</p>

<p>For med school and the USMLE, the material tested in biochem II will be higher yield. There are be many many many biochemical pathways and enzyme deficiencies tested on the medical boards. Metabolism galore.</p>

<p>Some schools require Biochem. My D. will take one semester of Biochem because one school on her list requires it - this Med. school does not teach it. She did not need it for MCAT. In fact, she was waiting for MCAT score to see if she has enough to apply to this school and only after she got her score, she decided to take it. Otherwise, she would not take Biochem in UG at all as it is covered in most Med. Schools.</p>