BioE UCSD'ers

<p>Just curious. Who got into bioE and which study of it? (i.e informatics, technology, pre-med)</p>

<p>What were your stats and do you plan on going?</p>

<p>I'll start. xD</p>

<p>Bioengineering (biotech)
UC 4.1
2070 SAT
800/710 Math2c/BioE</p>

<p>i got into bioengineering (premed)
uc: 3.96
1870 sat
660 math2 650 us history</p>

<p>dunno lets see what cal says. probably ucsd revelle college</p>

<p>BioE (biotech I think...) from OOS (NJ)
UC: Not really sure, probably around 4.3...
2260 SAT
740Bio Ec/800Physics/790MathII</p>

<p>Regent's is such a small amount for OOS people... Do you guys know if it is easy to apply for in-state residency after first year?</p>

<p>Bioengineering @ Warren</p>

<p>3.96 UC, 2100 SAT, 800 IIC, 710 Bio</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure I'll be attending.</p>

<p>hydralisks, did u also apply for bioenginnering for UCLA?</p>

<p>Yeah lol, I didn't get it though :|
Got Materials Engineering instead</p>

<p>i got pre-bioengineering: pre-med. i.e, my app is still in review for the specific major, as stated by my acceptance letter. i also got regents for muir.</p>

<p>but i got into UCLA biochemistry (gunna try to change to bioengineering later) with regents.</p>

<p>also i got into some medical programs, so im not too sure about SD..</p>

<p>My son was accepted at UCSD; still awaiting admission decision on bioengineering, per his general admission letter.</p>

<p>3.72 W GPA; 2200 SAT; 750 Math II, 730 Physics II (which wasn't bad, considering he'd had less than a full semester in Physics); 5 AP Environmental Science.</p>

<p>We still have to visit the SD campus; he has one other UC acceptance in hand, and is waiting on one more UC.</p>

<p>Bioengineering/BioE @ Warren from OOS (for my s)
4.4 UC gpa (not too sure), 2300 SAT; 800 Math II, 790 chem, 780 BioM.
with regent scholarship
will have to visit the SD campus in April.</p>