bioengineering at cal

<p>does anyone know how hard it is to get into bioengineering at cal or know anyone who's gotten in and their stats?</p>

<p>and do they really throw away letter of recs? cuz i alreay got two letters of recs from a teacher and a dentists i work with, should i just send them anyways?</p>

<p>oh and can anyone tell my my chances?</p>

<p>gpa: 3.67 [3.71 by the end of fall quater if all goes well]
will complete 80% of the major required course by spring
partime job at a dental office
good recs [if i decided to send them?]
in phi theta kappa. btw, can anyone tell me if this thing helps at all?</p>


<p>anything would be helpful. thanks</p>