BioEngineering at Caltech

How good is BioEngineering at Caltech?
Rank, Post Undergrad opportunities, research opportunities during undergrad?,
Any alignment to Medical school for conducting research?

would appreciate if i can receive any feedback on this.

They have a reciprocal agreement with a local med school. 6 weeks internship during summer. My son was there during Katrina, and they had a free week trip to NO to help out , especially for the pre med students.

Kaiser is opening a medical school in Pasadena next fall. It will be tuition-free for the first 5 years. I searched their website, and they will have an MD/PhD program in conjunction with Caltech with summer research rotations at Caltech. There may be other collaborations open to undergrads.


My son is not interested in med careers, but is doing this program, which will get him EMR and other certifications. It could be useful for premed students needing ECs: