Bioengineering Major Admission

<p>I applied to UCSD with BioEng as my proary major and ME: Environmental Engineering as my secondary and I am beginning to worry that they are both in the college of engineering. In the booklet it said that EnvironEng was not one of the impacted majors. I was wondering if they would still accept me as undeclared if they didn't accept me in either one of these majors.</p>

<p>If I do get in w/ BioEng, I was just wondering how do you like it or what have you heard about it?</p>

<p>Just a heads up. BioEng is hardest major to get at sd and its impacted meaning only freshman who apply as that and make it can be part of the major. you cant just switch into it. BioE is also wat attracts many ppl to UCSD. US news ranks it the fourth best in the go figure. I pretty sure its tough so gl :]</p>

<p>your admission to UCSD is not determined by your choice of major/major department; the admissions folk evaluate you independent of that. so yes, you can still get in undeclared if you get in but both the departments reject you for their major.</p>

<p>i came in as BE:PM and ... didn't stay. found something else i liked much better. :)</p>

<p>astrina you sure you can get in undeclared but with no major? thats pretty cool.
Its like having 3 lines of safety if you reallly want to go to UCSD.</p>

<p>positive. that's what prevents people from using the mentality of "oh, there must not be a lot of french majors at ucsd -- maybe i'll declare something silly like medieval french literature as my major to bolster my chances of getting in"</p>

<p>bioeng is hard, no doubt about it. came in as bioeng: pm and changed.</p>

<p>actually BioEng is different from BE:PM. they're two major. theres JUST BIOENG and theres bioeng:premed
as i said BioEng is the only major at sd that is different cuz its super special. no major can switch into it, only ppl who apply as that and make it can be part of it.
if ur worried u wont make sd becuz of that major then just put something else as ur second/alternative major :D</p>

<p>I put bioengineering biotech first and bioengineering second.</p>

<p>LOL. I have no idea what i just did.</p>

<p>thanks, that's really reassuring; and i applied as just BioEng not premedical or biotech or anything like that. i think EnvEng was pretty safe though. it's something i would enjoy and it's impacted so even if i don't get BioEng i'll be pretty happy with it.</p>

<p>A little FYI, bioengineering will be unimpacted for one quarter next school year. I can't remember whether it was fall or spring, though. So, if your truly interested and you don't make it in as a freshy, don't sweat. ;)</p>

<p>^ Would like to know more about this. You mind telling me where you heard it from? Thanks.</p>

<p>^ Directly from the Bioengineering Adviser.

<p>They are going to unimpact the major for one quarter? That sounds very... odd. Did they explain why they would do that?</p>

<p>i applied bioengineering premed. whats the difference between bioengineering premed, and just bioengineering?</p>

<p>premed is not impacted. im guessing its broader or something because you are getting prepared for medical school and not pure bioe?</p>

<p>pure guess, but its not impacted</p>

<p>personally, i think bioe: premed is a stinky major :p
you need to take most of the engineering courses, on top of the med school requirement. and in the end, your engineering degree doesn't even matter that much because it's not accredited (or something.. i'm not too positive on this).</p>

<p>You're right, bioeng: pre-med is not ABET accredited, but it's debatable about how "important" accreditation is for bioengineering....there are a lot of threads about this in the Engineering Majors forum.
If I wasn't sure which bioengineering major to choose first, I would just put either BENG: BENG or BENG: BTEC b/c those are the ones that are impacted. You can always switch to BENG: PMED later on if you want to.</p>

<p>@ LifeTranscends
They didn't say why, but if I were to guess it's probably to get more students in the program. If your interested, don't take my word for it, call them. They're more than happy to help.

beng: pm only requires 9 beng courses compared to the normal bioengineering major, which requires 23 beng courses, so i'd say it is reasonable that the major lacks accreditation by default. </p>

<p>but as for the importance of being "ABET accredited", there are many ways to prove yourself to employers without it: e.g. research, internships, or supplemental coursework.</p>