Bioengineering or Chem Engineering?....

<p>I know this question has been answered in the past, and I just want to make sure. People have said that a bachelor degree in Chem E is way better because of the availabity of jobs after graduation. Is that true? However, I really want to do medical research, and I'm worried that Chem E wouldn't put as much of an emphasis in that field, opposed to Bio E.</p>

<p>This sounds like another "I want to do this, but that has better job prospects" thread. ChemE has better job prospects, and BME is obviously the better choice if you want to do medical research.</p>

<p>The decision is yours and only yours.</p>

<p>Well I was thinking about getting a bachelor's in chem e and getting a masters in Bio E... Is that plan better?</p>

<p>Better? Not so sure. Safer? Yes. It's pretty difficult to get a job in bioengineering with just a B.S. and even with an M.S. I don't know how easy it is to get a job. From what I've read, biomedical engineering has a positive growth rate in the future, but so far I've seen many biomedical engineers doing something else entirely.</p>