Bioengineering: Pre-Medical

<p>Best major for a pre-med? Any thoughts would be appreciated.</p>


<p>BE:PM is the best major if you're looking to be a hardcore engineer with a strong interest in the design/engineering of human systems. i swear, that is the most misleading title ever.</p>

<p>most premeds hail from the biology department, under the guise of various majors (human bio is a popular one).</p>

<p>i hear that going biology isn't that great because everyone else does that as well.</p>

<p>i was wondering the same exact thing. thats my major, and i want to go to med school</p>

<p>i am a freshman who has taken two quarters of it. Believe me, so far it leaves you no time to do things that seem essential for med school, such as comm. service, lab experience, etc. People can argue that its all about time-balancing, but I don't know... i'm struggling just to graduate on time because of GEs. It seems rather sketchy. For instance, you don't become ABET certified, but you are taking harder classes and a harder workload compared to other pre meds? I think I might switch by the end of this quarter. I'm going to talk to the pre-med advisor as soon as class is back in session, but thats still a week away.</p>

<p>don't choose your major because you think it'll help you get into med school. </p>

<p>for many med students, their primary interests concern the workings of the human body, and a bio major is appropriate for that. at the other extreme, don't pick something completely out in left field just because you think it'll help you "stand out." college is a one-shot ordeal. enjoy it. study what you want. as long as you fulfill the pre-med requirements, you're good to go. i've had friends majoring in history and buddhist studies wind up in UC med schools.</p>