Biohacking: Raising IQ???

<p>This morning I was scrolling down my facebook news feed when this (Forbes</a> SXSW: Biohacker Dave Asprey Jacks His Own Brain - YouTube) video from Forbes caught my eye. In the video, a silicon valley genius claims he raised his IQ about 30 points through the use of the Bulletproof Executive program (The</a> Bulletproof Executive). </p>

<p>Previously, I've been fairly skeptical of claims about raising IQ, because the nature of the test seems to preclude that (however, I am not a psychologist, so I may be wrong). This Forbes video lent credence to the theory in my mind though, just because it seemed that Forbes unofficially endorsed the idea by publishing it. What do you think? Is it too good to be true? Have you tried any techniques before?</p>

<p>Also, sorry about my inability to hyperlink.</p>

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