Biola:Bible Thumping?

<p>I am looking at Biola in La Miranda, California and I am wondering how religious this school is from the view point of someone who has attended/attending. This looks like a great school, however, I am looking for an open and accepting school of all diversities.</p>

<p>One way to find out how fundamentalist a Christian college is: Look at their biology program. Based on this...</p>


The Biological Science major will . . . demonstrate the following:</p>

<p>•An ability to integrate known biological facts with scriptural principles
•An understanding of scientific method and its application
•An understanding of important issues in various biological disciplines and their responsible applications in life
•An ability to discuss theories of origins and evolution within the context of a Scriptural view of creation


<p>... I'd guess that they're not really accepting of diverse viewpoints.</p>

<p>Depends on what you are used to. Several kids from my kids Christian school go there, and I think it's almost as religious as a college gets. More than the Jesuit schools, more than the Catholic schools we visited, more than Pepperdine. And they like it.</p>

<p>You might get some additional perspective here</p>

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<p>All you really need to know is that "Biola" originally stood for "Bible Institute of Los Angeles".</p>



<p>Biola</a> University</p>

<p>From prospective student section of website:
"Additional Opportunities - All students take 30 units of biblical studies--Students attend chapel three times a week--Student ministry involvement expected."
To Biola's credit the school make its viewpoint clear (including the excerpt from the bio department above). I'm guessing it is a great choice for students looking for what the school refers to as a "Biblically Centered Education" and a not such a great place for anyone else. Each prospective student at Biola must decide if the school is a good choice for him or her.
FYI, my S is at a Jesuit college and it has a very different, much more open environment. Again, everyone should pick a place that works for him or her. We are lucky to have choices.</p>

<p>My friend who's a practicing Christian got a free application from Biola in the mail. It includes a required Pastoral Reference. Basically, unless you belong to a church, you can't complete your application.</p>