Biological Chem vs. Chemical Bio

<p>I've looked up the differences in major requirements, etc, but is there any real difference in what employers/grad schools/med schools prefer? </p>

<p>On the one hand, biological chem probably affords a slightly higher GPA than chemical bio (correct me if I'm wrong), but on the other hand, I would imagine the BS offered by chemical bio may look better to employers, grad schools, etc. Are these estimations correct?</p>

<p>I just can't decide if I want to stay in L&S for MCB or transfer to CoC eventually...if I apply to med school later on, I don't want to regret a low GPA from CoC, but if I don't apply, I don't want to lose any edge a BS would give me.</p>


<p>The classes you have to take are actually very different for ChemBio than MCB. You'd have to take a full year of general chem (4A/4B) which is known to be much much harder than just Chem1A. And you have to take the harder OChem series, extra math classes (53/54) and then more physical and inorganic chem classes. </p>

<p>Stay with MCB unless you're absolutely sure you want to do all of that extra work.
CoC is not going to be worth it for Med school but might be for BioChem grad programs.</p>

<p>Also if you're thinking of double majoring at all, you should stay in L&S.</p>

<p>Well, I was looking here: Biochemistry</a> & Molecular Biology. </p>

<p>I would be more interested in track 2, which, it seems, has a bit more in common with Chemical Bio (UC</a> Berkeley, College of Chemistry), including having to take the 112 OChem series. </p>

<p>So, in that context, what would the better major in the long run?</p>