Biological Engineering

Hello everyone,

I am wondering what schools have strong biological engineering programs in the North East.

I have decent grades with strong extra curricular accomplishments in STEM. Realistically, Ivy Leagues and other schools of that selectivity level are an unlikely reach.

Any suggestions?

What is your budget… What have your parents said they can and will pay per year?

@dangggp - The two schools I know which use the term Biological Engineering are MIT and Princeton. It is not a commonly used term for a major and the one more commonly used is Biomed and there are some BioE.

What is it that you are aiming to study?

At my school biological engineering and biomedical / bioengineering are two different things. Perhaps OP can clarify whether they mean agriculture or medical devices, respectively.

@bodangles - interesting that your school has both.

Which areas do they fall under? I have seen some schools equate biological and agricultural engineering.

@texaspg Yeah, the major PSU calls “biological engineering” has agricultural, food and biological process, and natural resource “tracks,” and I think the department is officially called “agricultural and biological engineering.” Our BME is then the typical medical devices, drug delivery, etc.

@carachel2 I would have a low budget, but I have the potential to acquire a local scholarship that is a full ride.

@bodangles @texaspg I am looking to study how we can genetically engineer organisms to our advantage. I have interests in both biomedical and agricultural aspects, so I would look for a major where I can apply my education to a broader range of projects.