Biological sci qs

I am an international student who has chosen biological sciences major and starts school in fall quarter

  1. can i change my major before the winter quarter?

  2. when does one sign up for classes or make a schedule with the student advisor? does it take place once u reach campus or is every thing done via e-mail basis?

  3. i have understood that you should sign up early to get the best/ popular professor.
    How would i know who to chose as i haven’t met seniors etc
    could anyone please recommend which professors to opt for certain classes like chem, bio for a major in biological sciences?


  1. You have to attend Fall quarter before you can change your major

  2. Interrnational student orientation:

  3. To choose professors, you can use
    For CHE 2A, Professor Enderle is by far the best instructor.
    Once you start attending, you can get recommendations from other students. The rate my professor website can be pretty accurate but fellow student recommendations are better.