Biology E/M - November 6th

<p>So next week is going to be the Biology SAT II.
I'm really nervous cause this is my 3rd time taking it --;; (Yes, I know it's pretty pathetic.)
My first time I got a 650 in May, Canceled my June score, and I'm going to take it in November.</p>

<p>My friend took the October and he did tell me it was pretty challenging.
I was wondering what we should expect on November's test.</p>

<p>I'm assuming the Ear, Eye, and/or the Heart because it was not mentioned on last month's test. Anything else to talk about .. );</p>

<p>Don’t worry - I took the test for the third time also last month. I got 600 in May, and jumped up to 740 last month. It was actually quite challenging. October’s test had a lot of questions on ecology and taxonomy. Truthfully, it’s actually quite unpredictable. How have the preparations been coming along? :)</p>

<p>I mean I did get lessons for May and June.
And I started slowly reviewing during August but rarely.
And until like mid September, I began going a little bit more serious. I’m going over the Barrons Book again. My main problem is molecular because I’m not that great with punett squares and stuff, and I like ecology more.</p>

<p>But when I take the actual test, Ecology tends to be more difficult, I don’t know why… --;</p>