Biology Major without Pre-Med

<p>What kind of jobs can I get with a biology degree? I love biology but I'm not great at chemistry or physics, which is why I wouldn't want to do Pre-Med.</p>

<p>Check the degree requirements of the Biology programs at the colleges you are interested in. Typically, a Bio major has to take at least 4 Chem classes (Inorganic-2 & Organic-2), 2 Physics classes, and Calculus.</p>

<p>Jobs? Forensic Labs, hospital labs, maybe biotech industry. School teacher.</p>

<p>There are quite a few jobs that you might not expect. Obviously since healthcare makes up something like a sixth of the economy, the most types of opportunities lie there- biotech, pharma, public health, clinical lab services and so on. If you want to work as a tech or pursue higher degrees, academia is a great place and employs something like forty percent of scientists. Also, there are a lot of jobs with government in policy, administration, research and public health. Some scientists work in intellectual propery law. Others work with finance firms as scientiic consultants. A guy in one of my former labs went on to be a scientific writer, designing medical textbooks and surgical device info sheets. There are tons of opportunities, if you tell a little more about what you are interested in, perhaps we could point you in the right direction</p>