Biology of living Earth, Chemistry 1, Chemistry -2

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is have a good time so far! So, I have enrolled in in Bio-1, Chem -1, Chem-2 course. In my high school, I am eligible for AP Bio next year( I will be a sophomore then).

But, there is a catch, I need to catch up on cellular biology and genetics, can you recommend an online course wherein I can enroll for Biology -2 for high schoolers that will cover these 2 topics.

Thank you all!

Your options in science is out of the norm for the typical US HS so I don’t know how to advise you.
I would have suggested Bio 1, Bio 2, as a sophomore Chem 1&2, then Physics , then an AP of one of those.
Talk to your Guidance Counselor/Biology teacher about what they suggest

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am studying in California, this is the fast track.
After this we can take AP (BIO) or AP Chem in sophomore year. I want to take AP Bio since AP chem is not required by UCB .

So why didn’t you take Bio 2 this year? Talk to your GC.

Bio-1, Chem-1, Chem-2 ----> Freshman course offering option
AP course-----> Sophmore year

None of the UC’s have specific AP requirements. Then does Bio 2 cover the Cellular Biology and Genetics? You are allowed to skip Bio 2 and take AP Biology by your school?

yes, Bio 2 covers it. Our school thinks we are okay without it but I am a bit apprehensive.

You could go to your local library and see if they have any AP Biology study guides to help you brush up in those areas. You do not need an in depth knowledge of Cellular Biology and Genetics prior to AP Biology, that is why you would be taking the class in the first place.

Thank you Gumbymom, I hope to manage somehow