Biology or Chemistry or both?

<p>So I am trying to decide which subjects tests I should take. I am for sure taking Literature and I am for sure NOT taking either math because I'm bad at it.</p>

<p>I have taken College Level Biology and Chemestry at my local CC and recieved A's in both of them so I feel competent to take them both with a little bit of review.</p>

<p>I am definately taking the Literature and Bio in June but should I take Chemestry too in Dec (when I take the Spanish test) since I know I'll score well? </p>

<p>Would 4 SAT IIs be over doing it?</p>

<p>Look at the websites where you want to apply.</p>

<p>See what their requirements (or preferences) are.</p>

<p>The schools that I am applying to do not require any SAT IIs but since I am a homeschooler I figured that SAT IIs would be a good way to prove my knowledge.</p>

<p>For homeschoolers, anything that verifies "mommy grades" (our term since we homeschool as well) is a good thing. I would go ahead and take as many as you feel you can comfortably take (within reason - 5 is definitely enough!) and score well on.</p>