Biology Professors

<p>For BIO 311C, the professors are Wandelt, Medhy, Buskirk, Brand, Moon, Sathasivan, Maas, McClelland, and Croft. Does anyone have experience with any of them? Are any exceptionally great or dreadfully awful? Which are tough/easy? Which teach the best? Etc? Thanks in advance my amigos.</p>

<p>Ask Pierrechn</p>

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<p>@xtra you should be able to answer this ?</p>

<p>LOL @ xtra!</p>

<p>Dr. Brand is the best biology professor hands-down. I have him this semester and I couldn't ask for a better professor. </p>

<p>His slides are near perfect and his test questions are all straight forward. There is no homework and no curve at the end but you should do fine if you study. He does a great job of simplifying and explaining concepts which make them much easier to understand. He also posts all his older exams from the past 3 years which helps significantly.</p>

<p>naz, thanks for posting about Dr. Brand. Thanks for editing your post for grammar and spelling, also!</p>

<p>Thanks a mil naz. Any thoughts on Chemistry 301 Professors? :]</p>

<p>I heard laude is good, but I got my chem credit through AP credit.</p>

<p>Tiny school. Only could take AP English and History. Don't have to worry about either of those at UT though!</p>

<p>Laude and Sutecliffe are good for Chem. For Bio, See if Dr. Latham is teaching it- she's really helpful, goes over concepts if you don't get'em in class, etc. Her reviews are pretty helpful on the test.</p>

<p>oh darthberry that is okay. I was telling my situation because I heard rumors about who is good for chemistry, but I do not know firsthand.</p>

<p>Thanks everyone. Latham had nothing but honors classes I think. For the 311 at least. And I didn't apply to honors.</p>

<p>I just wrapped up BIO 311C and CH 301 - had Sathasivan and Sutcliffe respectively. I loved them both and felt they both tried to ensure my fellow students and me really grasped the material. Both Dr. Sata (that's what he goes by for short) and Dr. Sutcliffe love what they do and give you opportunities to make up for a few poor performances - Sutcliffe is pretty generous with her grade calcs and offers EC, Sata offers the option to replace a low test score with the final, etc. I will say that the TA I had with Sutcliffe was a jerk - very condescending, I learned more from my fellow classmates than from him - but he might not be there next semester.</p>

<p>Laude is very good for Chem but he's known for having waiting lists for his classes well before registration begins, so as a freshman it's going to be hard to get him - he also gives preference to his current students when going onto 302 and teaches on cycle, so he won't be teaching 301 in the spring if you can't get in with him for the fall.</p>

<p>Thanks sundoll. I will most definitely keep that in consideration. :]</p>

<p>Maas for BIO 311C and 311D, Laude for CH 301 and 302... no questions asked. I had them both semesters, and they were seriously the easiest Intro to Bio and Principle of Chemistry teachers at UT. Everyone else struggled to even get B's with the other professors in these subjects, when people in my classes were doing so much better and not even worried at all about getting an A. TAKE THEM, you won't go wrong!!</p>

<p>Anybody have experience with BIO 325 professors? All I know is just from the reviews on Myedu. Hopefully they won't/aren't as ridiculously hard as my last Bio prof. :/</p>

<p>For Bio 325, I'm trying to decide between Bierner and Neubauer. According to myedu, Bierner gives more A's (not sure how accurate that grade distribution is), but Neubauer is a much better professor.</p>

<p>I am planning to take BIO 325 too. But it looks like Neubauer's are all closed and Biener's are either closed or waitlisted. I am also having problem finding one for CH301. Will we be able to get in? I've completed all the core curriculum and am having hard time finding other courses to take. I don't want to overload myself since it will be my first semester at UT. Do you have any suggestions?</p>

<p>Any good non-science major Bio classes? I've heard of professor Bull but his MC tests are tricky and I struggle with MCs.</p>