Biology Questions Today Urgent ^_^

<p>Please aNswer and Tell Me why ?
1.The Niborara Chalk is a rock layer that is exposed in Western Kansas .The Presence of 70-Milion year old fossils of marine reptiles (mosasaurs) and giant clams indicates that :
(A)This area was once under water
(B)some clams are adapted to survive on grassland
(C)Prairie clams have become extinct
(D)the chalk formation was formed recently
(E) a meteor impact is responsible for the extinction of the mosasaurs .</p>

<p>2.which of the following Hypothetical scenarios is NOT consistent with the mechanism of natural selection ?
(A)A species of insect inherits coloration pattern that resembles the leaves on which it feeds
(B)some females of particular species of fish release twice the number of eggs during mating as do others .
(C)the bill of species of bird is shaped like a chisel point ,making it well adapted for breaking open the shells of nuts .
(D)the cubs of certain female bear have extra long fore limbs because their mother continually stretched her own forelimbs.
(E)A few male deer of a certain species have larger antlers ,allowing them to defend their tertiary better .</p>