Biology SAT II

<p>What are you different concepts tested on the biology E and biology M?</p>


<p>For a specific outline, look in the SAT II Biology section of the Collegeboard website. Another option would be to look through a review book.</p>

<p>Bio E deals with Ecology...primary sucession, pioneer organisms, biomes.........molecular deals with molecular biology...dna, rna, transcription, genetics.......... i think that bio M is easier overall but then i have trouble with the laboratory questions! theyre hard and i always miss em...whats the best way to answer em? (note: last year i took AP biology and my class was stupid and we didnt have any labs so i failed the lab sections of the AP Test too and only got a four sigh.....)</p>

<p>I got a 5 on AP Bio amd 800 on Bio E/M. Okay, the first 60 questions are the same for both tests so it's not that bad, sometimes they'll pull a tricky one on you but if you can get through the first part, the other part is just what you feel you know best. If you don't have much lab experience, don't take Bio M because it's bound to ask lab scenario questions i.e. Bacterial transformation (famous one, just learn it inside out), photosynthesis oxygen output (mostly just using data skills), and other ones too. If you're good at remembering rote things like types of evolution and ecological niches and disruptive vs. stabilizing selections and able to memorize your food webs and biome characteristics, take E.</p>

<p>P.S. I didn't do this....but it's a good idea to look at BOTH E and M sections after you finish the primary section just in case you look at the opposite test youre signed up for and you're like YEAH THIS IS EASY! Then just change the name of the test you're taking and voila. Good luck!</p>