Biology science fair topic!

<p>Come on great minds of CC. I'm talking to you, all you Intel STS/Siemens participants. I really need help thinking up of a science fair topic. It has to be related to biology and must be able to be completed in a home environment without a mentor and the use of professional equipment. Also, must be decent, I say around state level? I'm looking forward to replies.</p>

<p>It's seriously impossible with your requirements.</p>

<p>I agree. It is impossible without some help from a university or educational institution. You could probably get away with it if it was computer science, though, but otherwise, for topics like biology, you probably don't even have the equipment which are thousands of dollars.</p>

<p>Super Fungus.</p>

<p>:( aww man. I thought there was a chance. I don't even know what topic I should use now.
P.S. I was thinking about breeding a super pathogen, but I found out that that was against the ISEF rules.</p>

<p>if you live in Hawaii, you could do something regarding the natural resources there. Is there a particularly threatened ecosystem. Or maybe something in marine biology. you don't need fancy equipment for a good project.</p>

<p>Yeah, you should do something volcanoes.</p>

<p>The ecosystem idea sounds promising. I can't really do anything with volcanoes, because it has to be biology related.</p>