biology textbook other edition


<p>I see that in the atlas of fall 2010, biology classes require biological sciences textbook emory edition. Is it really necessary to buy Emory edition? Emory-edition bio books are expensive in the campus book store. For all the students who have been through Emory's bio classes, did your professors require the Emory edition? Is it OK if I just got regular ones like 3rd or 2nd edition out on amazon, that are NOT Emory edition? </p>


<p>It's fine if you get another edition. I don't know what the difference is between the Emory edition and the original but for the other biology textbook you have to get, the only difference between the 2 editions is that the emory edition takes out the unneccessary chapters that you won't be covering out. I think it's recommended to get the emory edition but its fine if you get another edition. The page numbers might be off though</p>

<p>Like spazattack said, the regular edition is fine if you only need the textbook since the Emory edition just omits certain parts. However, if you take Spell, she might assign work from the workbook that comes with the bundle.</p>