<p>Hows vanderbilt in molecular/cellular bio? and how are my chances?
any recommendations for someone w/ a 760V 700M AP Euro, AP Bio, 3.6 GPA?
looking for a school thats not too stingy on need based aid</p>

<p>Om, is it really it really neccessary for you to have the exact same post again?</p>

<p>well, the one i posted in the vanderbilt section isn't going to be read by as many people as here, is it? and it is a different subject... or at least i meant i to be, i'd like to know about biology schools in general, ... I'm really having a hard time finding info on what schools are good in biology( specifically molecular/cellular) thanks</p>

<p>er..lost track of my posts.. sort of, scratch that last remark, can some1 reading this please give me some hints on good biology schools</p>

<p>i've heard that UCSD has a great program... or someone correct me? :(</p>