Biomed Engineering

<p>What do you guys think are the top schools for Biomed Engineering?</p>

<p>Johns Hopkins
UPenn ..? yea i think
Cornell ? i think its alright
Wash.U @ SL</p>

<p>s-hit like that</p>

<p>Oh is Wash U good at BME? Hm, I didn't know that. I heard a while ago that it wasn't so hot.. Yea, Johns Hopkins, I hear it's no fun though. Oh and UC Berkeley is definetely a top.</p>

<p>Case Western Reserve is ranked fourth in the country for biomed. engineering. might want to look into that.</p>

<p>for UC berkeley - do you mean bioengineering?</p>

<p>if so, how hard is it to get into UC berkeley for bioengineering? Hard, i know. But harvard-hard? ivy hard? Because in that case, my match-reach has suddenly gone through the roof.</p>

<p>Penn State, Rensselaer, UCSD, Tulane</p>

<p>yz16, well, UC Berkeley is one of top in engineering whether it's bme or not. And, don't give up hope! If you live in-state, it's SOOO much easier to get in than out of state. And plus, it all depends on your scores, ECs, and others so it could definetely be a match-reach for you still. However, if you do live out of state, I would think that it's about ivy-ish harvard-ish hard. In fact, possibly even harder b/c I think I once heard that it accepts only about 10% out of state. Of course, I could be very wrong so you should research it yourself but that is one of the reasons why I didn't apply there. :( Even though I love the place..Oh well. Anyway, for you though, if you haven't yet applied, go ahead and apply b/c it sure can't hurt. And if you've already applied, I'm sure you'll be fine but good luck anyway :)</p>

<p>for biomed engineering dont trust the rankings. some colleges ranked dont even hav a biomed program</p>

<p>and some (ie University of Rochester) are not ranked and have an excellent program</p>

<p>i thought Berkeley's bioeng sucks..</p>

<p>but Berkeley's is my first choice school and bioeng is wat i choose for major.........</p>

<p>(haha, teahelps -- you're most kind, thank you : ) )</p>