Biomedical Engineering and Pre-dental

I got accepted into my ED school a (top 30 school) in their Engineering program. I am hoping to major in biomedical engineering but things can change easily. I wanted to go through the pre-med route at first but after talking to some physicians, they advised me to take explore other health career options. I then started talking to my dentist whom I have always had a great experience with (I never had a cavity and care about oral hygiene) and she told me how she liked being a dentist as it has a great life-work balance which I want. Does anyone know anything about being an engineer on the pre-dental route? How feasible is it since I know engineering has really bad grade deflation? Also, what is the average GPA needed to be semi-competitive for dental school, and will engineering be favorable major?
I have always been pretty decent at math and science so I would like a major that combines both of them. Also, from what I have heard biomedical engineering has great career options for undergrads or post-grads. Please correct me if I have said anything wrong. I would really like to hear multiple people’s opinions.

Some basic information:
Biomedical engineering job data
dental school applications/acceptance:
like other healthcare related fields(e.g. medicine) dentistry appears to value the numbers-GPA and DAT (these stats are from 2016)

Best to seek the health professions/pre-dental group at the college you’ll be attending