Biomedical Engineering as an Undergraduate major

<p>Ok so i've been hearing alot about how some people thing majoring in BME as an undergrad is useless since you really need a masters degree in BME to really suceed in the field. If anyone has any personal experience about this topic could you please reply? Also anything else you would like to add would be appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>Bioengineering majors at Berkeley do not seem to be all that successful graduating at the bachelor's degree level compared to most other engineering majors (though better than biology and chemistry majors):</p>

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<p>yea thanks thats what ive been hearing too im sure it applies to other good engineering schools too</p>

<p>Nearly all of the bme's at my school go to either med school, grad school, or get some other professional degree.</p>

<p>Those that go into industry tend to be stuck in things like sales, or not actually doing engineering.</p>

<p>How's the situation if you get a MS in BME at a top school?</p>