Biomedical Engineering at Lehigh University

Hello all!

I am a higschool senior, and as I begin to apply to colleges I am starting to narrow down my choices. Lehigh is one of my favorite schools I have visited, but I was wondering if anybody had any information on their biomedical engineering program? How are the classes? What is the quality of the program? Is there a lot of research opportunities available relating to this major? Is it common for students to take a pre med route with this major at Lehigh? Thanks in advance!

I searched the Lehigh website for Biomedical Engineering. They do not list that undergraduate major, but they list Bioengineering as their newest department. Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering are not the same majors. Given the overall strength of Lehigh you will, no doubt, find quality programs, but it does not look like they have your major. Check out this Lehigh website @

You might also look at biomedical engineering at WPI @ and also at Johns Hopkins @

Just saw your question and felt it needed an answer. When I was an undergraduate, my roommate was a biomedical engineering major. Upon graduation with a masters degree, he was admitted to three medical colleges.

Johns Hopkins probably does more BE research than any other school in the country… a very well established graduate school. WPI has been doing biomedical engineering since about 1970 and all undergraduates are required to do research in order to earn their BS degrees.

Bioengineering is more like ( but not the same as ) genetic engineering. Biomedical engineering majors interface the biology with ME, or EE, or ChE engineering majors.

Also check on your second and third choices for majors to be sure you have covered all likely majors at the schools you apply to.

Good luck!