Biomedical Engineering at UCD

<p>I recently found out that I was accepted to UC Davis for biomedical engineering. Curious, I went on College Confidential to see the stats for those who were also accepted. I discovered that many people were rejected/waitlisted for biomedical engineering (and my friend also). I’m curious to know your stats and whether you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected. </p>

<p>Also, does anyone have any further information on this major? I’ve done some research, but I figured I could get some more subjective details from you fellow College Confidential people :)</p>

<p>Congrats to those accepted and rejected alike–don’t ever interpret a rejection as an insult to your intellect or character. The fact that you bothered to take time out of your busy life to apply for college is an achievement in and of itself. So be proud of yourself :)</p>

<p>I got in for biomedical engineering as well and I got Regents. My stats are:</p>

<p>4.32 weighted GPA (for grades 10-12)
3.98 unweighted GPA
8 APs total
2310 SAT
800 Biology M, 770 Math II
Good extracurriculars, volunteering, etc.
Ranked 14/409 in my class</p>

<p>My son is waitlisted for BME at UCD and Bioengineering at UCSD.
His stats:
UC WGPA: 4.1 (Uncapped WGPA: 4.39)
SAT I: 2170 (M 770, CR 690 W 710)
SAT II: Math II 800, Bio E 770, Chem 690, History 750
APs: Calc ABAP 5, Bio AP 5, APUS 5, WHAP 4
Senior Year APs: Calc BC, Phy C, Comp Sci, Psych
National Merit Commended, 1 varsity sport, >350hrs community service, Youth and Government etc</p>

<p>@punlover, would like to know your stats</p>

<p>NorthCAMom: To be honest, my stats aren’t that great. My UC WGPA was 3.95. I’ll just leave it as that because my other stats aren’t too great. I think my application was enhanced because of my junior year courseload, extracurriculars (both during the school year and summer), and personal statements. Though I’m not sure, since this whole admissions process is pretty confusing…</p>

<p>And congrats to dilllpickle on your acceptance!</p>

<p>My D was rejected for BME at UCD and waitlisted for Bioengineering at UCSD.</p>

<p>UC WGPA: 4.1
SAT I: 2200 (M 770, CR 710, W 720)
SAT II: Math II 800; Bio 740
APs: Phys (3), Bio (4), Eng (3)
Senior Year Load: AP Eng; Calc AB, AP Gov, AP Env Sci, AP French
130 hours Comm Service; 2yrs Lacrosse; Church Community service; City Team</p>

<p>Would like to know other UC Davis BME rejection Stats.</p>

<p>biomedical engineering is impacted at UC davis for sure, but what about biosystems engineering? how about biotechnology? are they easier majors to get accepted in?</p>