Biotechnology Salary

<p>I've heard that biotech is hot currently and has promise for the future. On top of that, the pay is good. How good is it really when you add together all of the benefits? Just a google search shows that the cover salary for this industry is not anymore than a research position in academia? What is the average profit at a large biotech company from stock options, bonuses, etc. for someone in R&D?</p>

<p>Anyone please?</p>

<p>The salary is always depends the position and company.</p>

<p>this is like asking how much someone on wall street makes without knowing anything else. </p>

<p>large biotech (amgen) or small biotech start up?
position in the company? (manager, director, vp?)
function? (regulatory, clinical, etc?)
location? (boston, cali, nj, etc?)</p>

<p>I have a question. Is doing Market Research of Biotech industry a viable career?
Can you get a job, or is it something that no one cares about?</p>