Bird Courses

<p>What are some really easy/fun courses that are almost guaranteed A's?</p>

<p>MUAR 211: The Art of Listening
MUAR 392: Popular Music After 1945
Both are music classes, but under the arts faculty. The first is mostly classical music and the second is pop music (obviously). I took both and they were my favorite classes of that semester!</p>

<p>the EPSC and ATOC courses available to science students (like 205, 200, 250, i forget)
also if you've taken physics and are pretty good at math, i think theyre phys200 and phys206 or something, one is 'milky way inside and out', the other is 'space, time and matter' which was actually one of my favorite classes. the prof is a theoretical physicist so you learn about all those improbable gravitational and galactic scenarios and see what would happen if, for instance, you fell into a black hole and your friend was watching you from earth, and how their perspective would be completely oppostie of yours as you are falling in. really interesting stuff if you ask me, but you need to know some physics.</p>

<p>Moons for goons (Planet, stars and galaxies), clap for credit (art of listening), rocks for jocks (terrestrial planets, taught by "sheman" as a classmate put it). I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting one other major bird course from 10 years ago (some may have changed since, but it appears clap for credit is still around). There's a number of "world of chemistry" courses which are fun but getting an A is not actually trivial.</p>