Birth Right Israel Trip

<p>Ok this might be a good thread to get some info on Birthright Israel. D is going to Israel this May through Hillel anyone have any experience or sent their kids? Also she has to go with an Israeli passport and release from military service because My H lived there and served in the army (even though he has been here for 20 yrs and is naturalized US citizen). I am worried about her travelling with both a US and Israeli passport but that is what she needs to do when traveling to Israel ( as well as my other kids).
Any experience with this program and with this situation would be greatly appreciated.
Posted this on another thread but was advised that this might be good info to open up to other students.
Birth Right Israel is a free trip open to all Jewish people between the ages of 18-25 who have never been on a peer trip to Israel. Everything and I do mean everthing is free. Just spending money for 10 days.</p>

<p>My son went on this trip last year (also with two passports...) and had a wonderful time.</p>

<p>So he didn't have any problems entering or leaving either the US or Israel with the two passports?

<p>He needed his Israeli passport to enter Israel (since he is a dual citizen), and his US passport to enter US. There were no problems at all with either one.</p>

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