birthday cakes delivered?

Does anyone know a bakery in town (or nearby) who delivers birthday cakes to the dorms? Lou's did this last year and it was great! But now Lou's has handed this over to a florist, which means I HAVE to order a plant or fresh flowers in addition to the cake. I just want a simple cake. :-) Flowers and a cake may be a bit much for my son and his roommates!!
If anyone has another "fun" idea that I could do, let me know. Son's birthday is Wednesday...first day of classes.</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>wow thats a shame about lous not delivering .cause we did that for our son 2 years ago.
how about email a roommie or friend and let them pick up a cake and you can
send them the money or maybe lous will take your cc number by phone an have cake ready for friend to pick up</p>

<p>or you can always send Pizza</p>

<p>Hi Sophie,</p>

<p>there was a recent thread on birthday gift ideas. maybe something here can help you</p>

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Did you confirm with the florist that they will not deliver a cake unless you also purchase flowers? What about balloons in lieu of the flowers? I, too have a son who will celebrate #19 in Hanover in a few months, and was disappointed when I read your post. Big bummer for we boys moms!</p>

<p>You do have to purchase a plant or flowers to get the cake delivered. I'm just having a friend pick up the cake and papergoods from Lou's, and surprising my son for his birthday. The order was made by phone, very easy.</p>