birthday gift -kindle or nook

<p>Piggle's mom posting( I don't have an account, hence posting on d 's account )
Piggle is turning 18 . We plan to give her Kindle or nook. She complains of lack of access to books while at college , during long flights back home etc.
She is an avid fast reader.
These are two things we are mainly concerned about
1) Piggle has a tendency to break things- so we need a sturdy one which won't break by frequent falls.2) Piggle has poor vision- need to have good screen quality.</p>

<p>All the parents who are e- readers - Can you share your experiences?
I went online & read all the tech data which made no sense to me . I would like to get some real life experiences with these gadgets.</p>

<p>I am a totally biased, satisfied Kindle owner of one year.
LOVE my Kindle, it is the Kindle 2 not the Kindle 3 out now.
So, one you buy now will be even more wonderful than mine!</p>

<p>The Nook folks will chime in I'm sure to give you the other side.
Amazon is easy to buy from, wireless download to Kindle anywhere you are, no need to connect with USB to your PC, many free books available, can share books purchased with others on your acct in the family, long battery life, etc etc etc.</p>

<p>Strong feature for your D: the E ink technology on Kindle is VERY easy on your eyes and reads like a real book. NO glare on screen even in bright sunlight.
My getting old eyes enjoy this aspect while reading at the public pool all summer.
It is the best gift I've gotten in years!</p>

<p>I will try to do an objective comparison.</p>

<p>Benefits of each:</p>

<p>Nook - has ePub support for library books, touch screen keypad and cursor navigation (can be either a pro or con depending on taste), ability to read up to an hour any book for free when inside a physical B&N store, occasional coupons for free cookie at B&N Starbucks</p>

<p>Kindle - text2speech function (unless disabled by publisher), 50% better contrast and faster refresh rate E-Ink Pearl Display, cheaper by $10, unlimited ability to share books with up to 6 devices on one account, slightly thinner and lighter (can be either a pro or con depending on taste), substantially longer battery, in-line WikiPedia lookup function</p>

<p>Both devices can be equipped with free lifetime 3G and/or WiFi, have the ability to lend books one time to a friend/stranger for 14 days, basic web browsing abilities, built-in dictionaries, annotation sharing features, and access to great competitive eBookstores as well as ability to load up the device with loads of free books and classics from external sources like Project Gutenberg, Feedbooks, Mobi, etc. You can't really go wrong with either one. I personally am a very satisfied Kindle user.</p>

<p>We are a five Kindle family. You can now loan out Kindle books to other Kindle owners. The Nook had this feature and that was the only part of the Kindle I wanted but didn't have but they fixed it. I can read my Kindle far longer into the night than I can read a real book.</p>

<p>New Kindle user here. LOVE it. Bought it after my husband's opthamologist, asked my husband why he was still reading a book vs e reader. T</p>

<p>That did it, after reading a CC thread about Kindle, bought it within a week. Not 3G version.</p>

<p>I didn't investigate any other, so will be interesting to see what others say here.</p>

<p>Nook owner since it was first shipped. I love it. And my mother loves her Kindle. Either one is fine, but until Kindle allows other ebook formats, I would recommend the Nook. Being able to check out library ebooks is a great asset.</p>

<p>We are leaning towards Kindle. happy to know that it has long battery life. I did not know about sharing books . (I am thinking of buying one for myself as well)
We plan to add some downloads as a surprise gift.
Can anyone recommend new non fiction books ?
So far the working list includes couple of French & English classics, Norman Mailer (the Naked and the Dead ) ,The outliers, .</p>

<p>I love my Nook. I like being able to borrow library books. I have no trouble reading in the sun or anywhere else. Love being able to download books and not having to go out in a snowstorm to get a book (or do without). I have found Kindle and Nook people are both pretty happy.<br>
Piggle- I just finished At Home by Bill Bryson-Loved it!</p>

<p>Kindle fan too. No real knowledge of the Nook other than H spent a long time trying to decide between them for himself and went with the Kindle. I like that I can sit outside and read easily and that there are always tons of free books on Amazon. I check for free books a couple times a week and almost always find one to download. Plus there are always lots of classics free. We got S one for Christmas and he has tons of books and has spent less than $10 so far!</p>

<p>I have a Kindle and a Sony eReader. I looked into the Nook as well. I think the Kindle and Nook both have slightly easier to read screens than the Sony. One thing I didn't consider at first (when I only had a Kindle), was the ability to check out library books. Kindle uses a proprietary format and has so far refused to be compatible with the epub standard that most libraries use. My local library has quite a few ebooks, which is why I got the Sony. If Piggle is a library type, you probably want to ask your library about this. But the advantage of the Kindle over the Sony is that it has a free wireless service. With the Sony, I have to sync with my laptop. With the Kindle, I can be sitting at an airport and buy a new book without digging out the laptop. I guess if I had to do it all over again I might go with the Nook because I'm pretty sure it has the wireless and I know it does epubs. I would suggest checking out the Nook at a Barnes & Noble. They will definitely be able to explain the features and you can see how "readable" you think it is.</p>

<p>We love Bill Bryson !!. Notes from a small island showed us american view of UK . I ahve read most of his books
I think we will go with Kindle.
Our library does not have e- reads. But Her college library & local library have. We checked. thanks to all</p>

<p>From my perspective, I prefer to gift Kindle to a person. I believe that if you had a kindle, I would read more. The more u read, the more u learn. </p>

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<p>I love my Kindle. My daughter’s BF has a Nook, and there is no doubt that it has a greater “wow” factor—much fancier than my homely Kindle—but I wouldn’t switch. The Nook felt too heavy to me and it just wasn’t comfortable to hold. Also, I prefer e-ink to backlighting, as my eyes tire easily. To me the Kindle is for reading…and reading…and reading. The Nook has other features that make it more versatile, but I’m a bit of a Luddite, and all I want to do is read. :)</p>

<p>Very happy Nook owner here. I love being able to easily adjust font type and size to be easy on my old eyes. Also like the fact the screen is not back lit. That being said, I'm sure I would also enjoy a Kindle...can't go wrong either way it seems!</p>

<p>Being an avid reader of digital books in the Epub format I definitely took a hit when buying a kindle. Most epubs are free to me with my library card so I have to pay for them if I wanted to read them on my Kindle. </p>

<p>But thats really my only gripe. I absolutely love my kindle. Its great for discovering new books and the wispersync feature is very convenient. I feel like I can read anything I want whenever I want and I always find something new to read on it. Ive lost hours on my kindle. </p>

<p>Not sure if the experience is the same with a nook but my advice is dont risk it. The Kindle is a smart choice you or your D wont regret.</p>

<p>I got a nook color for Christmas and I love it. I simply don't have the funds to buy books at the rate I read them and being able to check them out from the library is great. Unfortunately, even though I have cards at 5 libraries, there are long waiting lists for ebooks at all of them. Still, I usually am able to have 5-6 books on my nook at any one time.</p>

<p>I am a huge fan of the backlit screen because of all the reading I do at night. Usually this is in bed before I fall asleep, but I was waiting to pick up D3 the other evening and realized that because of the backlit screen I could easily read in the car while waiting. I also like being able to browse the net. I don't have a smart phone.</p>

<p>The big drawback is the battery life -- only about 8 hours. If I were planning go to an area of the world where electricity would be unreliable I would go with a Kindle (or the basic nook). Being basically a bedtime reader, the nook color is perfect for me.</p>

<p>Kindle owner here. I really like the long battery life -- AND the fact that I can read the books I buy on multiple devices (Kindle, my computer, my smartphone). There is also a huge volume of free books available -- mostly classics (stuff that is long past copyright). I've got the slightly more expensive model that has both wifi + 3G connection. Also, the kindle can read a PDF doc - with the wifi there is no cost to transmit docs from one source to another. It can also in theory handle MS Word documents, so its possible to carry a lot of stuff around without the computer. (I said "in theory" because there are some Word files it can't handle or open, I think based on formatting issues).</p>

<p>I'm writing this on a kindle. Can you do this on a Nook?</p>

<p>I have a Kindle. And I loved it until I got an iPad.
Now ... it's Kindle for iPad and I can't go back!</p>

<p>As another person watching this thread, it would be great if the Nook owners would state if their Nook is the regular or the color - really, two different pieces of technology.</p>

<p>My3girls, there is a waiting list to download library books? I would have thought that would not be an issue???</p>