<p>How do you guys celebrate your bdays in college? Do your friends generally through you a party or do you throw one yourself? Do you go out to dinner or stay in? It's my birthday tomorrow (actually today now that its past 12) but I have no idea what I'm doing...just wondering what people do</p>

<p>I went home for my first 2 birthdays, last year I just had dinner with a couple friends (it was my 21st).. haven't my 22nd bday yet.. probably just try to get people together</p>

<p>Well, first, everyone will wish you happy birthday on your facebook =P. I think it's more common for girls to throw a party for each other, and /or give each other cards or small gifts. But there's the issue of actually "throwing" a party. Most people probably happily accept the well wishes, and maybe go out to dinner with a few friends. Maybe your friends will cook for you. If nothing happens on your birthday, talk to some people and suggest you guys go out to dinner or something on Friday or Saturday to celebrate.</p>

<p>btw... happy birthday =D</p>

<p>Happy Birthday
My birthday's next week. Since my family is only 40 minutes away they're coming up to take me to dinner. My roommates and I agreed at the start of the year we'd exchange small birthday gifts (most made by us), but skip on Christmas gifts. When a friend's birthday comes up I usually print off a card from my computer.</p>

<p>My birthday falls during the summer. But since I have some of the greatest friends ever, they took me out to dinner and bought a cake sometime in october to surprise me.</p>

<p>My best friend is a freshmen at NYU and I'm flying up there for her birthday this weekend (I still live in Florida).</p>

<p>Ok so I guess I figured out what I'm doing. Yesterday, my suitemates invited a few people over, ordered a cake, and sang happy bday. This weekend, me and 3 of my friends w/ novemnber bdays are throwing a joint cocktail party..then im also going out w/ my suitemates to a restaurant..should be fun...</p>

<p>Whenever it's my birthday, everyone from my floor crowds into my room and we play pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, hit a pinata, and sing the birthday song. After that, our rented clown comes in and makes balloon animals then rapes us. THen we go to Chuck E. Cheese and make fun of the animatronics and eat pizza until one of us vomits. Then we buy $100 worth of tokens and then stay until they are all gone.</p>