bit of advice ,please.

<p>okay, here it is.
I took the SAT in January , scored</p>

<p>800CR 570M 640W</p>

<p>Needed to improve took SAT in June scored</p>

<p>760CR 590M 760W</p>

<p>Great, but my math score is still abysmal. If I take the SAT in October and get</p>

<p>700+ Cr<br>
700+M ( will study all summer) and 600 or 700+ on writing</p>

<p>Will colleges still take the best of all the three scores?</p>

<p>800 CR (600 or 700+ Math) 760 W?</p>

<p>Colleges that use score choice will.</p>

<p>i have a question!</p>

<p>lets say i get 800M 500CR 800W on one sitting and
500M 800CR 500W on another sitting.</p>

<p>if the college does not use score choice, will they just disregard the 800 CR altogether
since my first score (2100) is higher than my second (1800)?</p>

<p>okay, thanks.</p>