Bittersweet moment.

<p>My grandmother (on my mom's side) had her knee replaced this week, and both my parents are going up to her house (6 or so hour drive) this weekend to help out. My sister is in palm springs, meaning I'm home by myself for the weekend.</p>

<p>My parents gave me permission to have friends over to stay the night on Saturday, including a boy <em>GASP</em> as long as there's another girl there.</p>

<p>While I'm happy that they trust me enough to let me have some friends over and to leave me alone, I'm sad that they're gone and that I'm by myself tonight and (possibly) Sunday night. </p>

<p>...I'm definitely keeping the door locked. tee hee.</p>

including a boy <em>GASP</em> as long as there's another girl there.


<p>Why do they think that's gonna shut down his game?</p>

<p>XD more that he is one of my best guy friends and that he knows my parents really well.</p>

<p>Well, you may be lonely at the moment, but as someone who has had major orthopedic surgery, I can tell you that your parents are probably a tremendous help to your grandmother right now.</p>

<p>Your grandmother isn't going to be able to get around as well as usual for a while. I suspect that she has your parents busy rearranging her home so that she can move around without safety hazards (goodbye, rugs) and easily get to all the things she needs. They may also be helping her to arrange for services to help her do things that she can't do by herself right now (like grocery delivery if she can't go shopping).</p>

<p>Coping well after orthopedic surgery requires a lot of cleverness, and three heads are better than one. And a few months from now, after she has recovered from the surgery and had her physical therapy, your grandmother will probably be very pleased with her new knee.</p>

<p>Thank you for that perspective, Marian. :) It got better last night after I let my two labradors in and they hung out with me for the remainder of the night. From what my mom said, my grandmother is doing well (better than when she had her other knee replaced, in fact!), but she'll probably stay up there long after my dad comes home.</p>