biz + math minor? or + econ double major?

<p>I'm an undergrad business admin major (SOPH) but am looking for something to "fill in the gaps" course-load-wise. I've always loved math, but everyone and their mom (and my mom, lol) says a minor is pretty... well, worthless. I don't "love" economics, but hey, it can't hurt to learn about a lot of the fundamentals and nuances of economics, especially since it's well related to business. But then again, everyone and their baby says that double majors are very, very useless-- if not worthless-- and should only be taken if you have a so-called "passion" for both subjects. </p>

<p>Option 3) just take a bunch of random classes and not minor or double major in anything and just take the math classes I think I'd fancy and some econ courses to become more well-rounded. </p>

<p>I'm leaning toward the math minor though (I'd have to take the prereqs to get into upper div math anyway [~7 classes], so that road toward a minor is pretty natural, while the double major prereqs overlap A LOT with my major and would require ~6 or 7 extra classes) I really don't mind taking summer courses so the work load isn't an issue. </p>

<p>Option 3 sounds so... laid back... and so... <em>extra</em> useless..</p>

<p>Any advise? Thanks</p>

<p>Are the people who give you advice your friends or someone who actually has experience in the field?</p>

<p>Get a minor in Math. If possible, you should be a double major in Math and Economics.</p>