Bizarre, Forbes 600 College Rankings

<p>Forbes 600 College Rankings: #1 USMA/ #7 USAFA/ #30 USNA/ #115 USCGA/ #247 USMMA. What criteria could these lunatics be using??? There is an area on the rankings page to make comments. Some Naval Academy supporters alone have blasted this and they are upset at only being ranked #30.</p>

<p>The Criteria: compiled by Forbes and the Center for College Affordability and Productivity. In this report, the CCAP ranks 600 undergraduate institutions based on the quality of the education they provide, the experience of the students and how much they achieve.</p>

<p>Even after reading the criteria... for USMMA to rank #247 and Coast Guard to rank #115?? The ranking system just seems to have some major flaws. Duke came in at #104??? and Michigan #200? Obviously anyone can make a list of "America's Top Ranked Colleges" by whatever standards. Looks like I'll have to get moving on the "2010 America's Top Ranked Colleges by Snappler" for publication soon. USMMA may be #1 in least happy students but it's #1 in our hearts. The old line stands true. USMMA - A tough place to be at... but A Great Place To Be From.</p>