Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43,He%20was%2043.

Much too soon. RIP Black Panther. #wakandaforever

Very sad. I was very surprised when I heard this. He has been battling colon cancer since 2016 and filmed during all this, and seemed to have other projects in the works.

Very sad, may he RIP.

Can’t believe it. So young, so talented. What a tragedy.

I also was so surprised to hear this news. Loved him in 42 and of course as Black Panther. He will be hard to replace in that role. RIP

Yes, I, too was surprised and saddened. First major black super hero. I had hoped to see more of him in that role, and know many who feel the same way.

This is sad news. Avengers fans everywhere will mourn. May he rest in peace.

This is surprising and sad news. But what a testament to how to live life to the fullest.

I have a friend who at 45 was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer about six months after this actor. She is in remission now but still feeling lots of aftereffects. It’s a horrible disease. I wish insurance would pay for colonoscopies for younger people, since it’s becoming more common in people under 50. :frowning:

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I think there are new protocols calling for 1st colonoscopy at 45, but who knows if insurance companies are following suit. Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed in his 30’s though.

Boseman must have been very unlucky to have had colon cancer at age 39. shows colon cancer rates by age.

Due to my family history, it was recommended that I get a colonoscopy by 40 years old and insurance footed that bill, but you are right that timeline should be moved up for all people. My father has had to get a colonoscopy a year since age 40, and 2 colonoscopies a year for the last 15 years, and doing so has most likely saved his life.

Chadwick Boseman’s biographical movies (42, Get on Up, and Marshall) have all been required viewing in my household. Black Panther has been a cultural phenomenon that sparked a pride that is still relevant to my family and friends. My social media has been overwhelmed with tributes to his impact. Both of my kids currently attend his Alma mater and stunned is the adjective that best describes their feelings (along with their friends). You will be missed Chadwick. Rest easy, Black King, knowing that you have created an enduring legacy…

Very sad to hear this. I don’t follow the superhero movies, or Hollywood in general, so I didn’t know he was battling anything - quite a shock.

I know he was most well known for Black Panther, but I was extremely impressed with his work in 42 and Get on Up. From interviews/publicity he seemed as good a person as he was an actor.

RIP, sir.

Do you ever see someone clearly notable, admired, and clearly talented die that you just don’t know nearly anything about and feel like you missed an opportunity to enjoy what they had to offer?

This is how I feel about Chadwick. :frowning:

We really need to alert young people about the signs of colon cancer. We lost our 29 year old nephew in June from Colon Cancer. He fought it for 8 years.

My 44 year old DD1 had a 3 cm polyp removed in November. Fortunately, there was no cancer. My 42 year old DD2 had a 6 cm polyp removed. There were some unusual cells in hers, but fortunately, no cancer. Their cousin’s cancer spurred them to get tested.

I am really sad about Chadwick. I hope that some good comes from it, so that young people don’t die from it. Everyone needs to talk to their children, nieces and nephews and friends about the rising number of cases. It can be embarrassing, but it could save lives.

Why is it embarrassing? I think adults can handle it.

No, it’s not embarrassing at all. I was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer at age 48. It progressed to stage 4 a few years after I was diagnosed and I went on to have a couple more recurrences in my lungs. I have now been cancer free for about six years so I have indeed been one of the lucky ones. The side effects from treatment are very difficult and involve a lot of terrible bowel issues among other things. I am so very impressed that Chadwick Boseman could participate so fully in his acting career during such difficult treatment. The world has lost a shining star.

Current screening guidelines from the American Gastroenterological Association are:

Summary of age to begin screening from the above:

50: average-risk
45: African American
40: one first degree relative with CRC or advanced adenoma at age ≥ 60
min(A - 10, 40): one first-degree relative with CRC or advanced adenoma at age A < 60, or two first-degree relatives with CRC or advanced adenoma at any age A

The USPSTF recommends that screening begin at age 50 for “asymptomatic adults 50 years and older who are at average risk of colorectal cancer and who do not have a family history of known genetic disorders that predispose them to a high lifetime risk of colorectal cancer (such as Lynch syndrome or familial adenomatous polyposis), a personal history of inflammatory bowel disease, a previous adenomatous polyp, or previous colorectal cancer.”

“The American Cancer Society has updated its guidelines for colorectal screening, lowering the age at which adults at average risk should start screening from 50 to 45. These recommendations are based in part on data showing that while screening has helped reduce the rates of colorectal cancer in older adults, incidence rates are increasing in young and middle-age populations.”