Blackberry Storm2 or Bold?

<p>The Blackberry Storm I use for work is dead. They say my choices for the replacement are a Storm2 or a Bold. </p>

<p>Does anyone have opinions about these options? They are my ONLY options, so please refrain from recommending something else. </p>

<p>I never really loved my dead Storm. The touch screen was quirky. OTOH, that trackpad on the Bold looks fragile/tempermental, so I'm apprehensive about changing away from the familiar.</p>

<p>Who has experience with these models? Thanks.</p>

<p>I have the Storm and I know plenty that have the Bold. It seems you either love it or hate it. In favor of the Storm , I like the bigger screen.</p>

<p>Bold for sure. WildChild says the newer Bolds are better than the one he has (older one- although not THAT old since last summer he had 2 go in 2 different lakes....).</p>

<p>Two Bolds in our house. They love them but H is having some trouble with battery life.</p>

<p>Even with the updated software and firmware, if you do a lot of emailing or texting, the Storm stinks - it's impossible to type with any speed without hitting the wrong "keys", even in landscape mode. I'll go for a real keyboard anyday - which is why I replaced my storm with a Tour. The only other thing that could matter is if you need international capability. I don't know if the new Bold has that. While the larger screen on the Storm is nice, the Blackberry is really not intended to be a multimedia piece of fun and frolic like an IPhone, so who cares. For my business purposes, the smaller screen doesn't matter.</p>

<p>I have a Bold and quite like it. 3G is decent, though web-surfing is still not like an iphone. I like the UMA feature as it means that I can get really clear calls at home and in Wi-Fi hotspots (like in hotels in Europe and Starbucks), though I suspect that the Storm has this as well. I chose against the Storm because I can't get touchscreen keyboards to work well enough for me (I play with my wife's iphone). I have no trouble with the trackpad and like it better than the trackball on my Curve. However, I will dump the bold for the first Android with a hard keyboard that comes out on T-Mobile (i.e., Google Nexus Two).</p>

<p>Thanks for the opinions. I chose the Bold. I think I'll prefer the real keys over that flawed touchscreen keyboard. :)</p>

<p>Good choice I had a storm and hated it</p>