Blackberry's in College?

<p>I see a decent number of students using Blackberry's (Blackberries?) these days, and i'm wondering what people use them for. From what i understand, they are used mainly for push email so you can always be updated on your inbox, etc. I'm just wondering if it's really that neccesary, since really you can be by your computer a lot of times, esp since most college students have laptops. I suppose there is some sentiment for using it as a planner (for instance, i am looking into getting a nokia e51, but partially because i like shiny things)</p>

<p>What do you use your blackberry for? Is it really worth (last time i checked) $30/month extra on top of your regular plan?</p>

<p>I recently bought the Blackberry Curve 8310. It looks professional, easy for text messaging, alerts me when I have new email, and the GPS can be useful for navigating my way around the city. I don't use a lot of the other features, but it can be used as a planner as you said. Plus, I had a few hundred dollars to spare and I didn't want to pull out some ****ty looking phone if I were to get some chicks number so I made sure to buy a sweet one. I don't have a laptop though.</p>

<p>Blackberries aren't necessary--or very common--on college campuses. I have one this year through my work, and it's a nice convenience, but I wouldn't get one just for school-related things. Having the web and e-mail is nifty, but no one will look down on a non-Blackberry phone.</p>

<p>I've noticed a few Blackberrys and I've been thinking about getting one. I love texting, so it would be great for texting fast. The planner would also be great! It is also a nice looking phone and it looks professional.</p>

<p>I wouldn't get one unless I had a job that would be made easier with one. I think there's a lot of unnecessary gadget lust out there. That is - I have a laptop and a cellphone, and nearly always have access one or the other, so what's the point?</p>

<p>well... i was going to get something like that ... but aren't they big and bulky?? it'd be a pain to carry if you only had pockets, esp if you're a girl who dislike purses. i think a better option is to get a tiny laptop like the eee pc... though you can't call or text... but you can still use it for planning, it's small and pretty convenient... i think that's like a combo laptop/planner thing.</p>

<p>when i first got a blackberry nearly 3 years ago in my senior year of HS i was practically the only one in my age group with one.</p>

<p>now they've exploded, i got no clue why. what does some trendy sorority girl need one for??</p>

<p>the reason i have one is because i need to constantly check email for certain work i do.</p>

<p>I haven't seen that many people with them. if you have a phone and a laptop I don't think they're that useful.</p>

<p>they're smart phones for dumb people as one of my friends called it.</p>

<p>I have one, but wouldn't recommend getting one. Mostly I use mine as a planner. Texting is fine. I've had to replace mine because it wouldn't turn on anymore and everyone I've talked to has regretted getting a Blackberry.</p>

<p>well your friend just called a bunch of working professionals dumb. i know plenty of plenty of people who use it where i work because it's required to stay up-to-date on any e-mails that occur in the department. i wouldn't call any of them dumb either.</p>

<p>um....he meant freshmen college students..</p>

<p>Its the new trendy thing.My 15 and 13 year old cousin both have them and have no idea how to use them.I had to show them how to set everything up. But in the back of mind I still wonder what a 13 year needs it for. I could use once since i do a low of work on the internet, but Ive found its better to just save the money and use an itouch on wifi on campus.</p>