Do all teachers use Blackboard? I’m a transfer student and this is my first time dealing with it. I start school on Monday (24th) and the instructors still haven’t put a syllabus.

Most of my professors have used Blackboard, at least for grades. Others have their own websites where they post course materials, but they’ll probably email the entire class with the link if this is the case.

Not all professors will have the syllabus posted before the class begins. I’ve known some professors where the syllabus wasn’t even finalized until the day before the first class. Some don’t post the syllabus online at all, and others use their own site, rather than the school given site. You’ll get the syllabus on the first day of class or will be told how to access it. If for some reason you really need the syllabus early, you can email the professor to ask if it’s available, but it’s generally not that hard to wait until class starts.

This depends on the university. At my school, not all professors use blackboard, but the majority do.

Thanks everyone for the replies I really appreciate it

Good luck to everyone this semester!!

Most of my professors have used Blackboard, but for the upcoming semester I’ve only had two classes open up so far. Sometimes they are scrambling to get everything together for the semester.

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Most of mine do. I have had one or two that didn’t.